Date - November 17, 2014 / Author - Paul M / Category - Our Menu, Waffles

Sometimes all you want is a good tasty, fresh baked waffle. Dripping with your favourite syrup and topped with your favourite ice cream that melts as you savour each mouthful… nom nom nom.

You can enjoy your waffle with any of our homemade ice cream flavours that will melt in your mouth including:

  • Chunky Cheese Cake
  • Hazelnut Sweet and creamy ice cream
  • Hannah Banana Fresh
  • Vanilla Bean Dream
  • Perfect Peanut Butter
  • Cloud 9 Chocolate Dream 
  • Strawberry and Cream

To top it off you can sprinkle your choice of treats on top! Nuts, marshmallows, oreos – take your pick!

Just pop in to our shop in The Lanes for a tasty waffle where you can find out that we are not just talking a load of waffle, our treats, cakes and ice cream really are that tasty!

Give us a call for more information or pop in for a chat.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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